incall – Manhattan – $200+

outcall – Manhattan – $300+

Personal Description I have been doing sensual bodywork for over 12 years and pride myself on my uniquely intuitive, skilled, and experienced expertise. We would just go out to dinner. You and the girl will be covered with warm scentless and colorless Nuru gel for a better body sliding contact and you both would fly away in a dance of sensual explosion of your inner sexual energy. I then begin a slow, teasing, and tantalizing process of building up sexual energy and arousal. Before moving forward, I look for conscious or unconscious signs that she’s ready for further stimulation — such as rocking of the hips, parting of the legs, and swelling and lubrication of the vulva. “But something paused in me. You will be guided to become as relaxed as possible, and to take deep breaths when feelings of intense energy surge. A sensual stimulation pulses throughout your Being, clears your mental miss to mosh, awakens your soul, your spirit and body and enlivens you to a transcendence of time and place that is highly more exciting than anything you have ever felt before.  *In STUDIO offer a clean fresh hot shower before and after sessions. There’s no right or wrong. While most guests leave with a big happy smile, it would be presumptuous of me to guarantee a grand finale with fireworks each and every time. Female sexual response is a mysterious thing and differs widely from woman to woman. I felt guilty for so long.