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How to use coconut oil for a sensual massage?

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The humble coconut has been hiding its secrets from us for millennia. While coconut oil massages and hair treatments have been a staple of life in Eastern countries like India, it has largely been ignored in the West. However, coconut oil usage is booming today and one of the biggest drivers is the use of coconut oil for massage.

Coconut massage oil

The usage of coconut oil as a sensual massage aid is a fairly new phenomenon but one that has become incredibly popular. Traditionally, coconut oil is used for cooking. Its use as a kitchen staple has skyrocketed over the past decade because the oil was termed a ‘superfood’ for its myriad benefits.

Now, its value as an oil for massage is taking precedence over its nutritional benefits. However, many people are still unaware of how to use coconut oil in the bedroom. Sensual massage with essential oils has become rather commonplace and for the adventurous couple (or trio, or…), coconut oil uses can include its use as a massage and/or sexual lubricant.

A coconut oil massage is almost exactly the same as a massage with any other natural oil or essential oil. You will have to take the same care and precautions but coconut oil for massaging has a couple of advantages – it seems and tastes absolutely delicious.

Of course, make sure that you make the right preparations before you begin an exotic coconut massage oil adventure:

  • Use plastic sheets or fabric sheets that you don’t mind getting stained.
  • Have a solid, stable place to keep the oil to prevent it from spilling.
  • Have extra towels handy, just in case it does spill.

Another important thing to remember is that, just like every other oil, coconut oil degrades latex. This means that latex condoms may disintegrate while you are in the middle of your session. Not all the damage is visible and very minute holes can form in the latex without the entire condom rupturing. There is also the added risk of the condom slipping off if there is oil between it and the skin.

What does coconut oil do?

Many people wonder what does coconut do for the body. In reality, the uses for coconut oil are almost limitless.

It has been used as a hair nourishing agent, body moisturiser and even as a base for perfumes for millennia. Coconut oil’s antibacterial properties make it an ideal disease fighter for people of all ages. The nutrients it contains help make your hair and skin glow as well as whiten your teeth. As a food, it is packed with ‘good oils’ and keeps you feeling full.

The really wonderful thing is that there is no trick about how to use coconut oil on the skin. It works just as well used by you for the first time in your life as it would in the hands of a professional masseuse with decades of experience.

While substituting your regular massage oil for coconut oil may seem like it is just a trend, research shows otherwise. A study from the University of St. Thomas showed that there was a significant increase in the libido of participants who consumed 3 tablespoons of virgin coconut oil daily.

Of course, to benefit from all the potential advantages of usage for coconut oil, you first have to make sure that what you are using is pure. Always read the label on the packaging before you buy coconut oil. Too often, unscrupulous manufacturers combine coconut oil with cheaper and less beneficial oils to make a quick buck.

Ensure that the only ingredient listed is coconut oil. Not only does this take away from the benefits but the presence of other oils may cause skin irritation and trigger allergies.

How to give a good erotic massage New York with coconut oil?

Any massage is about building and nurturing a connection between the massager and the recipient of the massage. There is no real difference between how to use coconut oil and other lubricants in the bedroom for an erotic massage. Here are the basics:

Set the Mood

The setting, the location, the smells and the colours of the room all play a part in creating a mood. Soft lights are a must so if you only have bright lights that cannot be dimmed, perhaps a piece of cloth over them may take the edge off.

Perfumes or scented candles are a fantastic aphrodisiac. Choose a smell that you know your partner likes. Make sure that temperature is pleasant to warm – a chill that makes someone want to put their clothes back on is definitely the wrong way to go. Rub your hands together to warm them up before making contact – a cold hand on the spine will likely make them scream for the wrong reason.

Go with the Flow

The most intimate sensual massage experiences do not really depend on your massage expertise – the personal bonding between the two people sharing the experience is more important.

We all have an innate sense of self-healing where we rub our own muscles or flesh when we feel sore. If you have never given a massage before, simply do what would feel good to you. Communicate. Ask your partner what they want and tell them the type of touch and level of pressure that you enjoy most.

Imagination, Imagination, Imagination

While we have focused on sensual massage here, you will notice that massage oils at bath and body works can be used in a wide variety of ways. Coconut oil is no different. Add it to a warm bath and snuggle in with your partner, enjoying the feel of each other’s warm flesh as the oil nourishes it.

If you like the characteristically sweet smell of coconut oil, why not make a candle out of it? Soak and place a wick in a suitable small bowl and let the scent pervade your room and your body.

So, the next time someone wonders out loud what are the uses of coconut oil, you know what to tell them.

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