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Sometimes because of the daily routine work and hectic schedules, our body gets exhausted and our energy and stamina decrease. May be due to busy life you don’t have ample time to go to a spa. So, why not try a few massage techniques at your home.

Sensual bodywork NY is the most relaxing therapy that not only let you find some peace but will also let you have some pleasurable time. You start feeling better even before the masseuse enters the room, as the ambiance, the lighting, the cool sheets, the music, and scents help in setting up your mood. A touch of the human hand that heals your body and makes your body, mind, and soul feel amazing is what we call a massage. But do you know, it’s the science behind the treatment that makes you feel so good.

Massage is one of the former methods. It is that type of massage in which the soft tissues like tendons, muscles, and ligaments are massaged with the help of both the hands of the health of a person.

1. To start you must relax your neck, because of daily stress your muscles get stiff. You must reach across your chest by using your right hand and rest your palm on the top of your shoulder.

2. Now, take your fingers and place them on your back and with your thumb press the knuckles against your neck muscles.

3. Now, you must rotate the head and neck while pressing the neck muscles against your thumb.

4. Now, press your back muscles with the fingers and rotate your shoulder. Repeat this process again with another arm.

5.For easing your feet bring a golf ball and keep it in front of you on the ground. You must keep applying pressure until you feel a pull, but if you feel pain then remove your feet.

6. For headache, you can try a gentle head massage and make your head relax.

Other simple techniques are also there which you can try, like rotating hands and ankles and pressing your pressure points.

These were some simple techniques that every one of us can easily do at our homes daily to get rid of stress, anxiety. If you want to have advance massage therapies at your homes, contact the best body rub massage parlors in Manhattan and NYC.

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