Jenny (New York)

Now, that’s branching out into me doing Nuru Massage New York and events and like sensual self-care retreats. I am also an awareness coach, astrologer, writer, and YouTuber. Just call us to book your Tantra massage session in NYC today! Even between professional masseurs and their patients often arise the feelings of sympathy, openness, and even love! During the massage, the energy of yin and yang (female and male) mutually flow from body to body, enriching each other. Once I sense she’s sufficiently warmed up, with her consent, the therapy seamlessly transitions to more sensitive areas. Eventually, I realized I wasn’t getting this for free.”When she realized her “eggs were all in one basket,” Eva looked on Craigslist for a yoga job and found a tantra temple, where she learned tantric healing arts and began her career.

What do we do together? In my care, we engage in an enlightened form of exploring Erotic Massage New York. Check out my website for more information and feel free to text me with any questions or to schedule a session. Eventually, I’ll find my way to her G-spot, which when stimulated, can generate deep waves of full-body pleasure — and for some women, even squirting, or female ejaculation. Midway through the session with my guest now face up, I will devote a good deal of time gently caressing her oiled breasts before teasing, pinching, and rolling her nipples between my fingers. With very strong manual techniques Zoy will take care of you. You will be guided to circulate intense sensual energy, stimulation throughout your body, mind, spirit. So why not use massage to develop and strengthen love with a couples massage NYC? In Ayurveda, an ancient Indian medical treatise, it is said: “If the spouses massage their feet before going to sleep, then not only health but the mutual attraction will come.” But many want to enjoy the contact, and not to give it. I try to explore and get a sense of where the energy is coming from, and go with that.By far, the biggest concern I hear among women is their difficulty achieving orgasm. You and the girl will be covered with warm scentless and colorless Nuru gel for a better body sliding contact and you both would fly away in a dance of sensual explosion of your inner sexual energy. Are you looking for a Tantric Sensual massage in New York? You are lucky! Lady Joy is one of our best Tantra providers. Thank you!

City: New York
Booking: +1 (707) 400-5736