Masha (New York)

Check out my website for more information and feel free to text me with any questions or to schedule a session. Some are able to masturbate themselves to orgasm quite easily but have anxiety about being unable to climax with a partner. M of Bodyrub in New York? Want to know more? Here’s the transcript of the full interview that goes beyond the five-minute video segment. Watch the 5-minute clipWhat is sensual touch therapy? And what is Her Private Pleasures all about? Sensual touch therapy is a beautiful gift a woman can give to herself. To find the time and energy to massage your husband or wife, you need to really love them! And here the ideas of Tantra massage are helping. The one common theme between all of them is that they are medicine. After you’ve calmed and relaxed by the erotic body-to-body massage, you’re gradually moving to the sensual part of the session. This massage keeps you young and sometimes heals. Only by giving something, you can get something. What is Sensual Tantric Healing and Sacred Karezza? Sensual massage NYC arts creating a slower, more relaxed, and highly exhilarating state of sensuality. Sessions are done on a massage table or raised mat in the Thai fashion. Because no two women are wired the same way, I feel it’s my job within the 60 minutes to unlock the mysteries of each woman’s body. Some like a very slow and gentle touch. And others say they aren’t sure if they’ve ever orgasmed at all — to which I say, if you’re not sure, you probably haven’t. There’s nothing quite like the look of astonishment, joy and relief on a woman’s face when I’ve helped her reach her very first orgasm — or first orgasm brought about by another person.A common refrain I hear is “All this time I felt like there was something wrong with me … that I was a sexual misfit.” No — all this time no one ever devoted the time, energy or understanding to help you reach your orgasmic potential. So are you saying you can guarantee women orgasms on demand?I would never make that promise. To make your sexual life healthier you need to experience Tantric massage from the best providers in the city and out ladies are here for you.

City: New York
Booking: +1 (707) 400-5736