Zara (New York)

I have been doing sensual bodywork for over 2 years and pride myself on my uniquely intuitive, skilled, and experienced expertise. Tantra is an erotic bodywork technique that is very popular among our happy clients. Sessions are done on a massage table or raised mat in Thai fashion. He had been going through a divorce … and I had to find a way to deliver the best session ever. But these places are the most sensitive, vulnerable, and need to be caressed. These are the feet, ears, pelvis, rump, crotch, abdomen, breasts of the woman, and the prostate for men. With very strong manual techniques Zara will take care of you. But others are really at a loss when it comes to understanding their sexuality and what gets them off. In addition, when you massage your partner, you can touch those places that are taboo for regular massage. There is no ancient Indian mysticism, spiritual chants, breathing exercises, or anything like that. What it does include is communication — and during the journey I will periodically ask the recipient how she’s feeling. Massage in modern Tantra is used as part of a love game and as a remedy. Thank you!

City: New York
Booking: +1 (707) 400-5736