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How to use coconut oil for a sensual massage?

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The humble coconut has been hiding its secrets from us for millennia. While coconut oil massages and hair treatments have been a staple of life in Eastern countries like India, it has largely been ignored in the West. However, coconut oil usage is booming today and one of the biggest drivers is the use of coconut oil for massage.

Coconut massage oil

The usage of coconut oil as a sensual massage aid is a fairly new phenomenon but one that has become incredibly popular. Traditionally, coconut oil is used for cooking. Its use as a kitchen staple has skyrocketed over the past decade because the oil was termed a ‘superfood’ for its myriad benefits.

Now, its value as an oil for massage is taking precedence over its nutritional benefits. However, many people are still unaware of how to use coconut oil in the bedroom. Sensual massage with essential oils has become rather commonplace and for the adventurous couple (or trio, or…), coconut oil uses can include its use as a massage and/or sexual lubricant.

A coconut oil massage is almost exactly the same as a massage with any other natural oil or essential oil. You will have to take the same care and precautions but coconut oil for massaging has a couple of advantages – it seems and tastes absolutely delicious.

Of course, make sure that you make the right preparations before you begin an exotic coconut massage oil adventure:

  • Use plastic sheets or fabric sheets that you don’t mind getting stained.
  • Have a solid, stable place to keep the oil to prevent it from spilling.
  • Have extra towels handy, just in case it does spill.

Another important thing to remember is that, just like every other oil, coconut oil degrades latex. This means that latex condoms may disintegrate while you are in the middle of your session. Not all the damage is visible and very minute holes can form in the latex without the entire condom rupturing. There is also the added risk of the condom slipping off if there is oil between it and the skin.

What does coconut oil do?

Many people wonder what does coconut do for the body. In reality, the uses for coconut oil are almost limitless.

It has been used as a hair nourishing agent, body moisturiser and even as a base for perfumes for millennia. Coconut oil’s antibacterial properties make it an ideal disease fighter for people of all ages. The nutrients it contains help make your hair and skin glow as well as whiten your teeth. As a food, it is packed with ‘good oils’ and keeps you feeling full.

The really wonderful thing is that there is no trick about how to use coconut oil on the skin. It works just as well used by you for the first time in your life as it would in the hands of a professional masseuse with decades of experience.

While substituting your regular massage oil for coconut oil may seem like it is just a trend, research shows otherwise. A study from the University of St. Thomas showed that there was a significant increase in the libido of participants who consumed 3 tablespoons of virgin coconut oil daily.

Of course, to benefit from all the potential advantages of usage for coconut oil, you first have to make sure that what you are using is pure. Always read the label on the packaging before you buy coconut oil. Too often, unscrupulous manufacturers combine coconut oil with cheaper and less beneficial oils to make a quick buck.

Ensure that the only ingredient listed is coconut oil. Not only does this take away from the benefits but the presence of other oils may cause skin irritation and trigger allergies.

How to give a good erotic massage New York with coconut oil?

Any massage is about building and nurturing a connection between the massager and the recipient of the massage. There is no real difference between how to use coconut oil and other lubricants in the bedroom for an erotic massage. Here are the basics:

Set the Mood

The setting, the location, the smells and the colours of the room all play a part in creating a mood. Soft lights are a must so if you only have bright lights that cannot be dimmed, perhaps a piece of cloth over them may take the edge off.

Perfumes or scented candles are a fantastic aphrodisiac. Choose a smell that you know your partner likes. Make sure that temperature is pleasant to warm – a chill that makes someone want to put their clothes back on is definitely the wrong way to go. Rub your hands together to warm them up before making contact – a cold hand on the spine will likely make them scream for the wrong reason.

Go with the Flow

The most intimate sensual massage experiences do not really depend on your massage expertise – the personal bonding between the two people sharing the experience is more important.

We all have an innate sense of self-healing where we rub our own muscles or flesh when we feel sore. If you have never given a massage before, simply do what would feel good to you. Communicate. Ask your partner what they want and tell them the type of touch and level of pressure that you enjoy most.

Imagination, Imagination, Imagination

While we have focused on sensual massage here, you will notice that massage oils at bath and body works can be used in a wide variety of ways. Coconut oil is no different. Add it to a warm bath and snuggle in with your partner, enjoying the feel of each other’s warm flesh as the oil nourishes it.

If you like the characteristically sweet smell of coconut oil, why not make a candle out of it? Soak and place a wick in a suitable small bowl and let the scent pervade your room and your body.

So, the next time someone wonders out loud what are the uses of coconut oil, you know what to tell them.

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There are different reasons why people used to prefer spas. In the meantime, the experience can be a touchy feel rather it can be a life changing. If you experience the best, that’s what really matters. Here are some of the tips for the people who are going spa for the first time:

Before you plan to visit the spa, you must do some research work. Just because your friend has recommended you a name of the famous spa which suits her, doesn’t mean that it will also fit your needs and requirements.

It is not necessary that all the services provided by the spa are exactly the same as compared to other spa. It is important for a person to know the difference and every aspect of the spa what they are offering you. Some of the aspects are- spa etiquette, price, cancellation policy, treatment, tipping, description, deposits, etc.

When you try to get in touch with the staff of the spa, whether by mail, call, online form or any means, you must prepare some questions that you want to know about the spa and their staff. And if you are not satisfied with the answer, resolve your queries until and unless you get satisfied.

There are many spas who provide you a special tour in their spas, but that will totally depend on the day they provide this service. Because the reason behind this can be the spa may be a bit crowdy, or they won’t allow you to enter to see their services because of their customers who doesn’t feel comfortable.

If you are planning for a holiday and book a hotel which has full-service spa facility, then it is important for you to make sure before booking your appointment is, whether they will be able to provide their services at that time or not? Also make sure whether they will provide any special room along with the spa packages or any discounts with the spa treatments.

The main point that you have to keep in mind before going for the spa treatment is that you must not get late as per your schedule. Many spas suggest their customers to visit the shop at least half an hour before. This will help you to get the treatment on time and if due to any reason the treatment doesn’t start, you have full rights to ask explanation for the delay.

The above given points can help you to get your spa experience smooth and full of fun. In many spa’s in NYC body rub massage are used for giving treatment to their customers, like massage table is definitely provided to the customers at the spa.


Most of the time, people use massage for relaxation or well-being, or to point out any particular issue like- pain, stress or anxiety. According to the researchers, massage therapy can help to get rid of all of them.

Here are some of the general benefits of massage therapy which may include-

Physical relaxation

Improves circulation, which sustain cells and manage the waste elimination from the body.

Massage therapy releases the stress from tight muscles or other pains of the body.

With the help of massage therapy, the muscles and bones of the body get flexible.

There are many clinics who provide therapies to heal scar tissue along with the ligaments, tendons and muscle tears.

Massage therapy also helps us in various forms. Availing massage therapy you can get relaxed from muscle tissue, which leads to decrease of nerve compression, range of motion and increase joint space of the body. This will help you to release pain from the body which will lead to the improvement in the functions of the nervous system.

Massage therapy will also help in the improvement of circulation, which will intensify the delivery of oxygens and supplements to the muscle cells, which will help them to remove waste products from the body. These circulatory effects of therapy will help in the treatment of inflammatory conditions like edema or arthritis.

Massage therapy is also considered to induce a relaxation response, which decrease the heart rate, blood pressure and respiratory rate, and will boost the immunity system of the body and decrease the effect of stress.

The above given points proves that massage therapy is helpful for a wide range of circumstances. Some of them are-
With the help of massage therapy, pain of the body decreases and the function of the body starts increasing. Some of the conditions are-



Carpal tunnel


Tension like headaches


Massage therapy will help to treat and manage symptoms and complications of the body-

with the help of massage therapy you will be able to decrease some of the risks of chronic disease like- Autoimmune disease, diabetes, heart disease.

Raynaud’s Disease


Muscular dystrophies

Other emotional, psychological and physical benefits of massage therapy are-

Boosts immune system

Reduce anxiety

Reduce fatigue

Lower the stress level

Improves athletic performance and increase recovery of the person

Decrease depression

In today’s time in New York, body rub massage is used everywhere in spa’s. So that the client does not feel uncomfortable during the procedure of massage therapy.


There are various benefits that we can achieve through regular Nuru massage NY therapy prescribed by the professional. Whether a person wants to have a feeling of relaxation or wants to reduce muscle tension or want to get relief from chronic pain, a therapeutic massage is the best option to go for that can strengthen your overall sense of physical and emotional prosperity.

Massage therapy is the most important part of maintaining your health through the given points-

  1. Improve circulation
  2. Reduce muscular tension
  3. Reduce or eliminate your body pain
  4. Improve mobility of joints
  5. Improve lymphatic drainage.

Massage therapy can be used in both ways, i.e., chronic and acute conditions. RMT’s can work with various patients, of all age groups, by treating disability, illness or injury rehabilitation.

Massage therapists in today’s time use their mastery of anatomy and physiology to merge both the techniques of Traditional Swedish Therapy and Modern Massage Therapy with other types of massages so as to treat the client in a better way. There is a wide range of research, which used to publish in journals, so as to prove the benefits of massage therapy for different circumstances.

Massage therapy can also be used as a part of the preventative care program. This may include injury prevention, sports training, ongoing stress management and many more! By using both therapies you can develop a new treatment plan with the help of your therapist based on your requirements. The schedule of the treatment can be changed accordingly, and you have no commitment to use the treatment therapy. Your treatment will only begin when you will give accept the consent.

Every person has its own definition and way of releasing stress. One of the most effective and popular options is to go a body rub NYC. The routine lives are filled with many stressful periods. So, to get relaxed is important on a regular basis for dealing with the stress and ease tension and mental pressure. The human brain releases a chemical for stimulating the nerves for relieving stress and anxiety within the body. This is not possible unless a person is in a relaxed mood. Your brain cannot let go of tension, stress, and anxiety unless your body feels relaxed. So, to go for some relaxation therapy go for Nuru massage therapy regularly to get rid of stressful and unhealthy lifestyles. There are different massages that you can go for, depends on the mood and stress of a person.

Most people feel that getting relaxed is to hear their favorite songs or go for sauna bath that will help them to ease out from stress. At times it is good, but you should go for massage therapy to get away from stress.

In Manhattan, Nuru massage beds are specially arranged for clients who come for massage therapy.



An erotic massage is merely a different method to massage one’s body, which aims to relax one’s physical, mental and spiritual aspects of a person. The best part of this massage is that you don’t get training for this. An erotic massage is not a whoring. There are many people who combine these two things with each other, which is not at all true.

Massages are the most relaxing therapy that not only let you find some peace but will also let you have some pleasurable time. You start feeling better even before the masseuse enters the room, as the ambiance, the lighting, the cool sheets, the music, and scents help in setting up your mood. Erotic massage is also known as sensuous massage which is also another type of technique used by the person to his or her partner’s erogenous zones.

Erotic massage can be used by any person on any occasion which can be a part of sex. You can easily find erotic massage spas or industries in different parts of the world. An Erotic massage is one of the best ways to relax yourself, explore the pleasure with your partner.

Here are some of the advantages of Erotic Massage:

  1. Erotic massage awakes the senses of your body which activates the heal of your body.

2. An erotic massage will help you to explore, delight in the pristine and imaginative manner.

3.While having an erotic massage you have to use eye contact with your partner, stay connected by enhancing the intimacy between the two.

4. An erotic massage will create a deliberate connection between the partners.

People just need to keep in mind these steps for creating such an experience during erotic massage in New York that’s a reflection of helpless ecstasy and that feels like complete bliss, for both the people.

Undisturbed time. In case people want to provide their lover a great sensual massage, they should give at least one hour of undisturbed times without any phone call, visitor, or emails. A sensual massage signifies a union of two different minds into one experience that is completely ecstatic. People need to think of only the way hands feel against the partner’s body.

Things you require. You should keep in mind that there is no particular necessity for a good massage and you just need bare hands for all the action. But in case people aim for heightening the pleasure sensation, they may keep a bottle of body lotion that is non-sticky and water-based.

It Is The Feeing Of Joy And Sensuality

Just as the word itself, Erotic is a feeling of sensuality that lingers on a person’s mind for a long time. An erotic feeling in a massage is very difficult to achieve due to which these kinds of parlors hire trained professionals. Life can be taxing sometimes. All the tension, stress, hard work, starting the moment one wakes up till the time one finally closes their eyes to get some rest, just wears the body out. When the muscles get all loosened up and when the bones get crackling, it is time to get a soft, soothing and relaxing body massage.

The gig is normally the same, even in the New York massage parlors. The masseuse starts with a dry rub on the shoulders which extends down to the hip so that the knots in the muscles get released. Happy ending massage New York is then followed by rubbing body oil right from head to toe so that it is evenly spread. These are not just used for therapy but also for a sensual, relaxing and erotic feeling that is necessary after a tough week.
After this, it starts all the fun. The masseuse then rubs their body against the person’s so that the mind feels relieved. This feeling stays for a longer time until rejuvenation is achieved. It also releases any extra tension in the mind and the body thus making the experience even more wonderful. It does not end at this, because the erotic feeling is achieved by the playfulness of the masseuse. America specializes in tantric and Nuru type of massages. Happy ending massage New York is not a normal massage because it involves body to body touch. There is a scientific theory about hugging being necessary to relax one’s mind and soul. In the same way, this type of body rubbing can help bring about relaxation of muscles and refresh the mind in very little time.

This starts with every part of the body rubbing against each other, chest against the chest, legs against legs, hands against hands, stomach against stomach, etc. It is done by the masseuse’s body rubbing against the body of another, thus releasing the harmful chemicals and negative order to achieve this has to be done in utmost privacy and in an environment of total peace.

Due to the extensive tension in the muscles, there is the formation of knots that gets untied by this kind of unique massage. It rejuvenates the inner mood thereby increasing the level of consciousness to a higher one. it can be emotional at times as well because as every muscle getting relaxing and with the untying f the knot, the mind begins to gain a type of sensual experience which in turn enhances the emotions, thereby bringing it to the surface and then finally releasing it.

They Take Of The Customer’s Every Need

In order to provide the best Nuru massage in New York, massage parlors take care of the customers every need. There are various safety measures taken by them so that there is no disturbance created while experiencing intimacy. There are facilities like Nuru type mats and massage beds that are sterilized. Even the chemicals used are of high quality and can be easily washed off by water. After a massage, wanting a hot water bath or a steam bath is normal. It is very hard to find an authentic place that provides authentic erotic massage in New York. This is because this type of body rub seems somewhat similar to sex. People often confuse massage parlors to be brothels and thus making it hard to find the right one because some of these parlors, illegally, run prostitution as a part of their business.

Stores close at night, after 10 or 11, and so do massage parlors. Any such place open after business hours is sure to be running a scam or something illegal. These parlors come with these facilities as well so that the utmost level of relaxation is achieved and the customer has a wonderful feeling which is enough to remain refueled for at least 6 months. Although this sounds a bit absurd, it is true that sensuality can eventually lead to relieving stress. For most of us, it is very difficult to go on a vacation, given the tight schedule we are required to follow; therefore, to pamper yourself and feel relaxed in just a few hours, getting a body massage seems to be the best option.

If you are paying $240 an hour, make sure to get perfect service as well. Nuru Massage in New York is pretty costly as it starts from $200 for a one-hour session. Although one has a happy start as well as an ending, one has to have a high level of patience to achieve the utmost relaxation. This type of therapy requires beauty, quality and convenience and spas in New York make sure they provide all of these. A body spa works as a natural stress buster. The feeling of sensuality involved in this type of bodywork can help boost both psychological and physical health. Apart from erotic, there are various types of therapies like a happy ending, Lomi Lomi, rub and tug massage, etc.

Massage is a technique that involves two naked bodies to slide over each other, thereby releasing all the negative energy from each part of the body. The tensed nerves also get loosened providing relief to the brain.

Make Yourself Happy With a Hug

Have you ever wondered why a simple hug makes you feel so joyous? Why people shake hands when they meet for the first time? It is all due to touch therapy. Hugging someone involves body to body touch that helps relax the nerves hence providing relief to the mind. Nails release a huge amount of energy; hence after shaking someone’s hand, it becomes easy to predict if the person has negative or positive thoughts. If you don’t have enough time to take a vacation to rest your mind and body, a massage is the best option to go with. In a country like the USA, it is not difficult to find good massage parlors that provide different types of massages like Swedish, erotic, Nuru Massage in New York body rub, etc. Before going to one it is necessary y to make sure that it is not a scam because many such places run prostitution as their side business.

Mother is a symbol of love and care; therefore, her simple touch can help release all the tension. For a long time, this therapy has been used, not only to provide relaxation but also to treat various diseases. To avoid issues, try and avoid any misconduct or any sexually transmitted diseases, one should ensure to check the reviews, authenticity and whether or not they are a licensed parlor.

Keeping this concept in mind, therapists have come up with a new healing technique that involves full body to body touch. It is more popular in the USA and is known as Nuru Massage in New York and all other states. If rubbing your forehead with your hand in case of a small bump can provide ailment then imagine what a full body to body rub can do. It can take away 80-90 percent of the stress which can have a healing effect on the body. While going for a body spa at a parlor, one must set a low expectation because the masseuse themselves are low in confidence. This is so because most people mistake this with having sex. The therapist does not really have sex with the customer but the feeling is much more rejuvenating than that. They can work magic with their finger and tongue.

This therapy not only provides relaxation but also coveys support and companionship which have a positive psychological effect. It is kind of a handjob excluding the intercourse part. It takes time for a proper masseuse to trust the person whom they give erotic massage to and in order to gain it one has to have patience and self-control. It also means that only one massage wouldn’t do it because the first session is based on gaining the trust of each other.


Do I Have To Be Naked To Get a Massage?

A body spa is a process in which the therapist and the customer are naked. The masseuse first rubs the entire body with special oil. After this, the masseuse massages specific parts of the body which gives a feeling of sensuality. This feeling keeps on increasing with each step, thereby releasing all the toxicity from the body and the mind. Once the masseuse is sure that the customer is not a sexual predator, comes the best part. This is a process of receiving so make sure that you do not get indulged in leading the therapist. Because this is a session that involves sensual activities, try to avoid asking questions that will make the masseuse feel uncomfortable. Remember, the more comfortable you make them feel, the more relaxation you will get.
In this developing world, where people are always in a hurry, it is very difficult to find a perfect way to relax oneself. Traditional massage therapists are also degrading in terms of quality; hence, therapists have come up with new techniques involving body massages. A slippery body rub which is also known as sensual body massage in New York has become very popular in the USA and all other developing countries. According to doctors, almost all of the physical problems are related to stress and what can be a better way of getting relief from stress than bodywork. Therapists have come up with different techniques that involve touch therapy to provide ailment from overstressed muscles and tensed mind.

Although, it is a very ancient form of art in which the model or the masseuse uses her whole body to massage the back and front. Both the parties have to be nude for this and it also includes some sexual activities, minus the intercourse. Apart from providing extreme relaxation, it helps in maintaining the blood pressure and blood circulation, decrease anxiety, decrease sleep disorder and increases concentration.

It makes use of a special type of gel known as Nuru gel that is rubbed on the bare skin and then the massage is performed by the masseuse by slipping her body on the others. This kind of spa is available in almost all the massage parlors; however, the only problem with it is that it is very difficult to find an authentic spa that specifically provides sensual body massage in New York. This is because it does not require any certification in the state of New York. A soft body rub New york is carried out in a spiritual manner which takes you into a meditative state. This is necessary for the integration of the mind and body which in turn is beneficial to bring about a spiritual and emotional balance.


Get Satisfied To The Core

Spas and massage parlors promise 100% satisfaction which can only be achieved through true peace and relaxations, making this job a rather difficult one. Doctors recommend getting a massage at least 2-3 times a week. Erotic massage in New York is one of the most affordable body works that can be taken daily if required. Various massage researchers are constantly finding new methods to improve the quality of massages. Some factors that can help you differentiate between an authentic spa and the one involving prostitution are from the type of models the spa has, the way they behave, their timings, etc. This is why it is always better to check for reviews and the number of years the spa is into the business, before walking into one.

One such institute is the TRI (Touch Research Institute) operating in Miami that suggests small doses of body massage to be beneficial in case a person does not have the pocket to opt for a full-body rub; however, getting it done daily gets all of your tension to fade away quickly. Mostly aged people opt for Erotic massage in New York because of the constant leg and arm pains that they face, but this can be selected by anyone. No matter what age you are, it always feels good to be touched by a soothing hand, to feel that care. In spite of the fact that this therapy is one of the best in order to provide relief and relaxation, people should not have very high expectations while going to such a facility because the sexual involvement with a stranger is not something we do every day.

If you want to live a drug-free life and still want to be cured, massage therapy is the best option to go with. Ranging from a 15 minutes chair massage or a 30 minutes session on the table to a full Erotic Bodywork, trained professionals work magic with their hands and fingers to provide utmost relaxation if the spa is a legitimate one. This procedure normally starts with a soft tissue rub and then moves to very seductive and erotic strokes by the therapist. It provides immense pleasure because of the removal of any toxic energy from the body as well as the mind. Most of the troubles related to the heart are due to excessive stress. It also leads to other problems like back and neck pain, headache and high blood pressure. Due to these problems arise conflicts in personal life as well, which is why a healthy balance between work and personal life is necessary.